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Christian d'Elbée

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Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D. Thesis

I am currently doing my Ph.D. thesis at the Institut Camille Jordan (Lyon), under the supervision of Thomas Blossier (ICJ Lyon) and Zoé Chatzidakis (ENS Paris).
Visite Lyon's logic group website.

My research interest is Model Theory. More precisely, I am interested in dp-minimal expansions of the group of integers, for instance expanding the group of integers by p-adic valuations.
I also study expansions of fields with generic predicates for groups. Such expansions give examples of NSOP1 theories. More generally I am interested in NSOP1 expansions, this is my current thesis subject.

My adress in Lyon
Institut Camille Jordan
Bureau 109e (couloir orange)
Bâtiment Bracconier, 21 avenue Claude Bernard
69622 Villeurbanne cedex
My adress in Paris
Ecole Normale Superieure, 45 rue d'Ulm
Bureau T9A/ Escalier B, 4ième étage, Toits du DMA
75005 Paris


Forking, Imaginaries and other features of ACFG: A study of the generic theory of algebraically closed fields of positive characteristic with a predicate for an additive subgroup.
Generic reduct: Expanding by a generic predicate for a reduct preserves NSOP1.
Dp-minimal expansions of the integers (Published in Journal of Symbolic Logic), with E.Alouf.


Generic additive subgroup of a field of positive characteristic. (Slides from a talk in Oaxaca BIRS Neostability, here are slides in french of a talk in Paris seminar Théorie des modèles et Groupes)
Dp-minimal expansions of (Z,+) notes from a talk in Leeds in 2017.

Research experience

Théorie des modèles des corps : La propriété d'indépendance (in french), Model theory of fields : The independence property (2015, under the supervision of Z. Chatzidakis)
Quaternions (in french) (2014, under the supervision of J.-F. Jaulent)
On the complete ordered field (2013, under the supervision of A. Wilkie), and an Erratum. A more recent note on continuous groups.

Few notes

17ieme Probleme Hilbert (in french) (Notes from a talk at the Ph.D. seminar in Lyon, november 2017)
Expansions of (Z,+) (Notes from a talk in Leeds in 2017)
Ax-Grothendieck theorem (Notes from a talk at the colloquium Inter'Action; for Ph.D. students in France, ICJ Lyon 1, 2016)
Une incursion en Théorie des Modèles (in french) (Notes from a talk at the Journée des Doctorant-e-s, ICJ Lyon 1, 2016)
Outils algébriques pour la théorie des modèles des corps (Various notes in french, 2015)
Corps gauche de dp-rang fini (Note, 2015)
Set theory (Notes in french, LMFI 2015)


Model theory's map of the universe is here.